例.20 素数筛选,生成器–Prime numbers sieve w/fancy generators


import itertools

def iter_primes():
     # an iterator of all numbers between 2 and +infinity
     numbers = itertools.count(2)

     # generate primes forever
     while True:
         # get the first number from the iterator (always a prime)
         prime =
         yield prime

         # this code iteratively builds up a chain of
         # filters...slightly tricky, but ponder it a bit
         numbers = itertools.ifilter(prime.__rmod__, numbers)

for p in iter_primes():
    if p > 1000:
    print p

例21.xml/html解析–XML/HTML parsing

dinner_recipe = '''<html><body><table>
<tr><td>2+</td><td>tbsp</td><td>olive oil</td></tr>

# In Python 2.5 or from
import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree
tree = etree.fromstring(dinner_recipe)

# For invalid HTML use
# import ElementSoup, StringIO
# tree = ElementSoup.parse(StringIO.StringIO(dinner_recipe))

pantry = set(['olive oil', 'pesto'])
for ingredient in tree.getiterator('tr'):
    amt, unit, item = ingredient
    if item.tag == "td" and item.text not in pantry:
        print "%s: %s %s" % (item.text, amt.text, unit.text)

例28. 8皇后问题(自定义例外)8-Queens Problem (define your own exceptions)


class BailOut(Exception):

def validate(queens):
    left = right = col = queens[-1]
    for r in reversed(queens[:-1]):
        left, right = left-1, right+1
        if r in (left, col, right):
            raise BailOut

def add_queen(queens):
    for i in range(BOARD_SIZE):
        test_queens = queens + [i]
            if len(test_queens) == BOARD_SIZE:
                return test_queens
                return add_queen(test_queens)
        except BailOut:
    raise BailOut

queens = add_queen([])
print queens
print "\n".join(". "*q + "Q " + ". "*(BOARD_SIZE-q-1) for q in queens)
import random

guesses_made = 0

name = raw_input('Hello! What is your name?\n')

number = random.randint(1, 20)
print 'Well, {0}, I am thinking of a number between 1 and 20.'.format(name)

while guesses_made < 6:

    guess = int(raw_input('Take a guess: '))

    guesses_made += 1

    if guess < number:
        print 'Your guess is too low.'

    if guess > number:
        print 'Your guess is too high.'

    if guess == number:

if guess == number:
    print 'Good job, {0}! You guessed my number in {1} guesses!'.format(name, guesses_made)
    print 'Nope. The number I was thinking of was {0}'.format(number)


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